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who we are


The ONVSP is a non-profit organization founded on the principle that as the world gets more complicated, finding help shouldn’t.  We know that in your moment of crisis finding the right help, when you need it most can have a profound impact on your recovery.

The ONVSP and Victim Service locations all around Ontario specializes in helping victims of crime, tragic circumstance and disaster. Together with our trained experts, we individually tailor a support plan that fits your personal journey. 

With 40 locations across Ontario, our local response is always a phone call away – present in your community. Available 24/7 from the moment following tragedy all the way through recovery – always complimentary and completely confidential.  

Our support goes beyond the individual, ONVSP’s take a holistic modern approach to navigating the social services system. Through lobbying, we are fighting daily to raise awareness and improve service for victims and their families to make changes on every level. We are on the front lines.

where we are


Understanding what your community has to offer is only part of the battle when seeking help. Victim Services are experts in their communities and know how to get you the help you deserve without the headache.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance exists to help victims of violent crimes with everything from travel and safety expenses to counseling.


Victim Bill of Rights

As a resident of Canada and Ontario, your rights are put in place to better protect you.

Do you know yours?

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